Reading/Writing/Language Arts/English Tutor
    Elementary, Middle School, High School Students and Adults, too



    I work with all types of learners.


    We go at the pace and level that feels comfortable for the student (not by the grade level, not by other kids their age, never by leveled reading) and then advance together from there.


    We read, read, read and read some more. We read together, we read out loud, we read by taking turns. We discuss, analyze, and interpret as we read. This allows for a close reading that boosts comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking.


    We work on the craft of writing, the structure for a particular essay form, and the grammar and style rules you need to know to be successful. We learn how to create well organized paragraphs with topic sentences, strong conclusions, and transitions.

    We practice multiple revisions, the key to writing success.

    We consult mentor texts to see what good writing can look like and how it captivates the reader's attention.


    I have a private collection of children's books that I loan to my students. They are a hand picked selection of the best fiction and non fiction picture books, middle grade and young adult books. I support reader choice and encourage my students to choose what they want to read from a vast and varied library.


    I am a full time tutor with two teaching certifcates. I work with college students and homeschoolers during school hours and PreK through 12th after school.


    I am also available to lead reading groups and work on high school and college entrance essays.

    Help With Any Writing Project
    In person or online with Google Docs

    including homework assignments, college essays, and and research papers

    Writing for Adults/College Students
    I help first time college students with their assignments

    Enrichment Projects/ Reading and Writing for Homeschoolers

    I am available during school hours to work one-on-one or in a small group setting.



    In person lessons:
    Bergen and parts of Essex and Rockland Counties
    Also available via Skype

  • Reading, Writing, Language Arts, and English

    Elementary School Students

    Middle School and High School Students

    Reading and Writing


    Using well written picture books and interesting non-ficition children's books, my lessons are personalized for each individual student to match their ability and help them grow to the next level.


    Students are encouraged to read aloud to promote pronunciation, vocabulary development, pacing, and comprehension.


    For K-2 students, reading is followed by a writing assignment or creative project focusing on the themes of the book. We often take turns reading out loud, supporting each other and sharing the funny parts.


    For students in grades 3-5, we might compare two books in terms of subject, writing style, and form or just read together to work on comprehenson and critical thinking.


    Writing projects include eveything from creative stories, journal entries, how-to essays and posters filled with information about a subject they love.


    My students and I read, discuss, write and think about books. Some of these books are fiction with important themes that they can relate to while others are about different subjects they never even heard of before.


    Here is a small sample: skyscrapers,how to make a catapult, jellyfish, maps, hawks in Central Park, Eleanor Roosevelt's childhood, the instruments in an orchestra, animal teeth, what's a sculpture, Olympic gold medalist Sammy Lee, gargoyles, and Mt. Rushmore.

    Language Arts and English

    Grades 6 and Up

    I introduce my students to a wide variety of books and let them choose what appeals to them. We discuss, interpret and critique literature together. We do this by talking together and by writing in depth about what we read.


    We work on the structure of a paragraph, how to write a strong topic sentence, and how to write a conclusion that does not just repeat what you said in the topic sentence. Grammar issues are dealt with as they come up: conjunctions, apostrophes, commas, prepositions, etc.


    We plan and make an outline. We create a first draft. Then we focus and learn to revise, because this is the heart of the writing process. Then we edit our revisions.


    Our focus is often on argument writing. Developing strong argument skills is the key to developing critical thinking that students need going into high school, college, and adulthood. We learn how to form a conclusion, how to make a strong reasoned argument, and how to rebut an argument you disagree with.


    We can also tackle writing in many different styles: narrative, opinion, persuasive, informative, and expository.


    We read articles about current events and issues important to the students. The learn how to analyze the text, provide textual evidence for opinions, do a close read, and develop a well-reasoned point of view.


    We learn how to summarize and not simply repeat. We learn how to draw the reader in with an intriguing introduction and how to solidify our points in the conclusion. We learn how to express our own voice in our writing style just as we do in our speaking style.


    We practice for standardized tests when necessary.


    Help With Any Writing Project

    Have a one time writing project that is important to you? Everyone should have at least one second reader. I will make suggestions and help you revise until you are satisfied the paper is ready to submit.


    My assistance includes:


    Reading a full or partial draft of your paper.


    Help with your organization, construction, and clarity of ideas.


    Help figure out how to construct your argument, provide detailed supportive evidence, and write persuasively.


    Help correct grammar errors, spelling, sentence structure, and vocabulary choice.


    Give you honest feedback.


    Brooklyn Law School



    Barnard College, Columbia University


    BA History



    • Certificate of Eligibility With Advanced Standing In NJ K-5
    • Certificate of Eligibility With Advanced Standing in NJ Social Studies
    • Business Registration Certificate in NJ


    From My Students

    "Linda made learning into something completely different that is called 'FUN!'" D., 4th grader



    "I learned a lot from the books I read. Reading these books and our assignments out loud has also taught me to be more confident." B., 4th grader



    "So, a teacher needs to be fun but they still discipline the students. Now what could that mean? Well, simple. It's almost like there is two sides to them. Although they like to joke around and have fun, they still make the students work hard when they need to. I have had this experience with a teacher, and who was it? You!" J., 5th grader



    "What I see in a good teacher is one who is able to combine a good learning experience with a fun one. I cannot say who was my best teacher, because all of them educated me well. All of these qualities I see in you." E., 5th grader



    "He got his progress report back and he went up a grade in English. Right away he said, 'That's because of Linda." mom of V., 4th grader




    "The lessons were really fun and I learned a lot from you. I feel more confident in my writing because of you, so thank you." B., 6th grader





    "When I seeked guidance regarding my personal essay for a graduate studies program I contacted Linda. She responded back to me that very day! Since then she has been able to help me clearly organize and structure my thoughts into an outline, construct a well written essay, and continued to keep contact with me, revising and perfecting my paper. Without Linda I would have been lost! While working with Linda I realized she is not only very knowledgable and good at her job, but is also very generous and passionate about helping others succeed and achieve their goals. I plan on working with Linda again in the future!" G., graduate school applicant




    $50/hr for private lessons in my home in Ridgewood, NJ

    $60/hr to travel to your home in Bergen, Essex or Rockland county

    $40/hr essay help online only



    Need based tuition is always a possibility for lessons in my home. Please ask me.



    I am available during school hours, after school, and evenings Monday-Friday. Saturday 9-3.